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Apply, get approved and pick your vehicle, but we take care of the rest so you can stay comfortable at home, at work, or wherever you are.

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Our finance specialists waste no time and as a result, will complete your application process in 30 mins or less.

anywhere in canada

From BC to Newfoundland and everywhere in between, because we know our customers can be located far and wide.

Get approved

Good credit, no credit, bad credit or new to Canada? No worries, we have 18 financial institutions and a process to maximize your chances of getting approved

No Pressure

No pressure process that allows us to match your needs with the right bank, but guarantees you the best term and lowest rate that your credit will allow.

finance anything

From cars to trucks, ATVs to RVs. Because our customers financing needs can go beyond just cars, trucks and SUVs.

What Does the Loan Process Look Like?

Fill out our quick 3 minute process, providing us with some simple information about yourself so we can get your pre-approval started.

Our specialists thoroughly review your application, and match your needs with the right financial institution. Our quick and easy process guarantees you the best loan that your credit will allow.

After reviewing your application and understanding what is affordable, we help select the vehicle you’re wanting to finance.

We make sure you get a copy of your contract, and are fully aware of the numbers, and payment date. We explain all added warranties, so you, your vehicle, and your loan are fully protected. We make sure you understand the documents that are needed to register and insure your new vehicle.

Before you drive off, Canadian Auto Finance ensures that you understand all the features and options on your new vehicle so you’ll be enjoying every feature and luxury your new ride offers.  

By now you’ll be enjoying your new ride but our service doesn’t end there. We follow up and guarantee that your vehicle is satisfactory and are of service to any questions or inquiries that you may have about your vehicle or loan. We also add you to our database so we can reach out to you if there’s promotions, recalls, or anything else that you need to know.

Why Choose Us?

Canadian Auto Finance

  • Quick & Efficient

    Complete our application in 3 minutes or less. So, you can get pre-approved and can shop for what you know you can afford.

  • Stress Free

    After submitting your application, we do the rest. Everything from sourcing the best loan to acquiring your vehicle. Therefore, consider your car shopping stress eliminated.

  • Any Credit Accepted

    At Canadian Auto Finance we understand that not everyone has good credit. We make sure that everyone has a fair opportunity to get approved.

  • One Stop Shop

    Get almost any vehicle you want, additional warranties and insurances, aftermarket products. So, you can one stop shop here.

Typical Car Shopping

  • Time Consuming

    Looking at multiple cars and prices, but not even knowing what you can or can't get approved for.

  • Ineffective

    Multiple dealerships, too many negotiations, time-consuming bank appointments which doesn't make sense today.

  • Chance of Rejection

    There's nothing more frustrating when you find your dream ride after going to multiple dealerships, several banks, and spending hours negotiating with sales reps but to only get rejected.

  • Limited Service

    It can be time-consuming and exhausting to go to multiple dealers, but end up not even finding the dealer with everything you're looking for.

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