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Gavino Lima

Founder & CEO

I’m a family man who has built this company with one vision, to live life through God’s vision and accommodate my family as much as possible. I started out in this industry over 20 years ago, this industry has served me a wonderful life and has given me opportunities I only dreamed of. I started this company 7 years ago with my business partner and we wanted to evolve with the car purchasing process. Seeing firsthand how things operate behind doors, I knew I could serve my customers and my clients to a high standard and deliver the most for my customers. Creating new relationships and talking to new people every day is what keeps the spark and passion for this job strong. I love meeting new people and being a part of the excitement that comes with getting a new vehicle. My goal is to educate, create and deliver the best financing service possible for different communities across Canada

Rebecca Koehler

Co-Founder & CFO

Before I got involved in auto financing 6 years ago, volleyball was my life, the passion and dedication I had, got me a scholarship and the ability to win a national championship with the University of Manitoba. The skills and mentalities of dedication, compassion, teamwork and commitment that I learned from volleyball fit perfectly into my work ethic. How I wanted to be different in auto financing was to go further with customer relations, this came naturally as meeting new people and befriending them is deep rooted in who I am. Nothing is more important to me than to see how happy I can make a customer satisfied, and the difference I can add to their lives. Because of this, previous customers became current long term friends. My vision with Canadian Auto Finance is to evolve the experience from just financing vehicles, to above and beyond; helping customers build credit and have a platform to fully educate potential customers on credit. 

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