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Our referral program is a huge part of our revenue and we try to pay you as much as possible for the new business you bring to us. Get paid $20 for every person you refer and get paid $500-$1000 for every referral that purchases a vehicle through Canadian Auto Finance. 

  • Fill Out You and Your Friends Information

    Simply put your name, number and your email.

  • Submit Your Referral

    Our specialists immediately prepare for helping your referral get their financing needs. Privacy is important to us, yourself and your referrals information gets encrypted and secured.

  • Get Paid

    When the customer you referred takes delivery of their new vehicle, and the contracts are finalized with the bank, Canadian Auto Finance will issue you a referral cheque.

* Only legitimate referrals are paid out. To ensure you get paid please make sure your first name, last name, phone number and email are correct.
* To ensure you get paid please make sure you enter your referrals first name, last name and phone numbers correctly and that they know one of Canadian Auto Finance agents will be in touch with them. *
* Referrals are only paid if they purchased their vehicle through Canadian Auto Finance*

Why Refer to Us?

Canadian Auto Finance

  • Quick & Efficient

    Complete our application in 3 minutes or less. So, you can get pre-approved and can shop for what you know you can afford.

  • Stress Free

    After submitting your application, we do the rest. Everything from sourcing the best loan to acquiring your vehicle. Therefore, consider your car shopping stress eliminated.

  • Any Credit Accepted

    At Canadian Auto Finance we understand that not everyone has good credit. We make sure that everyone has a fair opportunity to get approved.

  • One Stop Shop

    Get almost any vehicle you want, additional warranties and insurances, aftermarket products. So, you can one stop shop here.

Typical Car Shopping

  • Time Consuming

    Looking at multiple cars and prices, but not even knowing what you can or can't get approved for.

  • Ineffective

    Multiple dealerships, too many negotiations, time-consuming bank appointments which doesn't make sense today.

  • Chance of Rejection

    There's nothing more frustrating when you find your dream ride after going to multiple dealerships, several banks, and spending hours negotiating with sales reps but to only get rejected.

  • Limited Service

    It can be time-consuming and exhausting to go to multiple dealers, but end up not even finding the dealer with everything you're looking for.

No Obligation – Whether you’re ready to get a new vehicle today, or just looking to crunch some numbers, the pace of the process is up to you.

Quick Performance Getting your car is exciting, and we want to deliver that excitement as soon as possible. Our specialists are trained to work hard and fast to deliver your vehicle with the best deal. 

Easy Does it –  We’ve designed our process to be as stress-free as possible. No never ending questionnaire, no waiting on hold to speak to someone, simply complete the quick application and we get back to you when things are ready to go.

Stress Free –  Let us do all the hard work. Our specialists figure it all out for you, finding your best bank, loan, and finding exactly the best vehicle that you’re looking for. 

Private & Secure –  We have the latest in online privacy, security and online encryption. If there’s any questions or concerns, give us a call at 1 844-382-2438

Transparency –We believe that good business always starts with total transparency, we make sure that our customers are fully aware of every detail about the financing they want and the paperwork that comes with.

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